5 Curiosites about FIFA 23

5 Curiosites about FIFA 23

FIFA 23 arrives soon with new features in its gameplay, graphics, and more. The game also brings interesting curiosities, such as the presence of coach Ted Lasso from the Apple TV series, a radical change in Ultimate Team mode, two world cups, and various new additions. Check out our 5 curiosities about FIFA 23 before the game hits the shelves.



The only one with two World Cups

One unique thing about FIFA 23 is that it will be the first - and the last - game in the series to feature two World Cups in its content. Players will be able to both play the 2022 Men's World Cup in Qatar and the 2023 Women's World Cup, which will be held with matches in Australia and also New Zealand.


Change in the Chemistry system

Chemistry System change FIFA 23

FIFA 23's chemistry system is probably the most significant change to the mode this year. Position links have been abolished, and chemistry is now defined through three diamonds on each player's card, filled in when teammates are from the same nation or play in the same leagues. Icons and Heroes offer an advantage, as when they play in their correct position, they have full chemistry and the weight of two players in chemistry with other athletes. In this new system, even athletes in distant positions on the field can generate good chemistry.


Leagues with all the official stadiums

The collection of stadiums in FIFA 23 is the largest ever offered by the franchise, with 105 original locations that encompass all the major arenas of leagues such as Bundesliga, LaLiga, and Premier, plus the new women's leagues present with clubs for the first time in the series.


Marvel partnership

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes Cards

Electronic Arts and Marvel have announced an exciting partnership to bring special Heroes of FUT cards, which offer sports icons new artwork drawn by Marvel artists, as well as other themed items such as uniforms and balls. The cards will be available in their base version from launch but will receive the new World Cup FUT Heroes versions alongside the update that will bring the World Cup mode to the game.


It's the last FIFA

In May this year, Electronic Arts confirmed that the FIFA series will change its name to EA Sports FC, ending an era of nearly 30 years of partnership. The content of future games promises to remain the same, but under the new name, as will any reference to the FIFA World Cup. According to the New York Times, the reason for the split was a price increase in the FIFA license that would cost $1 billion over the next four years.

FIFA 23 arrives on 30 September for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch, Stadia, and PC. Players with early access can take the field from 27 September. If you're excited about the latest and most innovative installment in the established football series, check out our comparators to buy cheap FIFA 23 with the best CD key deals on the market.

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