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Fall Guys makes a spectacular return as free-to-play

Fall Guys makes a spectacular return as free-to-play

Fall Guys has reached quite a significant milestone just a few days after changing its monetization model and going free-to-play. More than 20 million players have become colored beans to compete in the crazy and incredibly fun gymkhanas featured in the game. That's quite a huge number for such a game, especially when many people foretold that it wouldn't last beyond its first summer and deflate like a punctured balloon. 

Such predictions are quite common for games like Fall Guys or Among Us, which become an impressive hit with a massive number of copies sold incredibly fast despite being created by relatively small and unknown studios. In some cases, like Loop Hero, the origin of the success is innovative mechanics that create a new type of gameplay experience. In the case of multiplayer games, if their success is only linked to stational circumstances, their longevity suffers as their presence could not be strong enough to give them a solid player base.

The pandemic and the summer season were two factors that heavily influenced the success of Fall Guys, a goofy and competitive game that only pretends to be fun. But Mediatonic has expanded the game over time with seasonal content and releases on additional platforms. As a result, the player base, which is the key in this type of multiplayer game, has not dwindled at all. In fact, it has grown significantly in just a couple of days after the game has become free-to-play. 


A brilliant future

The massive arrival of new players to Fall Guys has caused some server problems, as it happened after the launch of the game in 2020, but everything is more stable now that the initial hype is over. The game now has a different structure with an in-game shop where you can buy cosmetic items with the currency earned by playing. There's also a Season Pass where you unlock rewards, and you can also get them for completing challenges.

Fall Guys players have adapted to the new monetization dynamic pretty fast. The game will definitely continue to be a hit in the coming months, and the new players guarantee that you will be able to enjoy Fall Guys for a long time.

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