Fall Guys is not coming to Xbox Game Pass

Fall Guys is not coming to Xbox Game Pass

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout definitely is one of the big hits of 2020. Although nobody really expected it, this relatively small game achieved something that many would deem impossible. Right from the start, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout caught the eye of an incredibly high number of players that kept increasing during the following weeks and made the launch of the game a huge success with more than seven million copies sold on Steam. Developer Mediatonic has expanded the content in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to keep the interest of the players high by launching several seasons that have added new costumes for the beans and new stages.



When a video game becomes very popular, it's normal that rumors and news about it flood the internet, even if some of them prove to be false. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is no exception to the rule and Metiatonic has been forced to shut down certain rumors that have appeared over the last few weeks saying that the game would be coming to Xbox Game Pass. All of this started with an "It's coming" answer from the official Xbox Game Pass Instagram account. The comment was referenced on Twitter later and both Devolver Digital and the official Fall Guys Twitter accounts rapidly answered saying that it's not the case.



Nothing has been said about the origin of the confusion that may have lead to such a claim, but we can take for granted that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is not coming to Xbox Game Pass, at least any soon. 

Players are currently immersed in the third season of the game which has brought a lot of winter-themed novelties to the game. If you want to have some fun in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, you need to remember that it's only available on PlayStation 4 and PC. As usual, you can find it at the best price on our comparator.

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