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Endless Dungeon is a frantic roguelike adventure coming next week

Endless Dungeon is a frantic roguelike adventure coming next week

Having offered the fans of roguelike games one of the best experiences in the genre for many years with Dungeon of the Endless, developer Amplitude Studios is about to release a modernized version of its classic that takes a significantly different approach to the theme. Endless Dungeon is not a direct sequel to the indie classic from 2014, but the premises are similar in both games and it can be considered its spiritual successor. In the new game, you join a team of heroes stranded in an abandoned space station and help them escort an energy crystal that is vital to their survival across a twisted labyrinth of corridors and rooms while under the constant assault of waves of enemies.

Shooting madness

Although this description may sound familiar to many players, Endless Dungeon combines tactical twin-stick shooter and tower defense mechanics to deliver an exciting experience that is nothing like previous ones. Frenetic shooting takes a primary role in your interactions with the environment as you navigate dark corridors that suddenly come to life when energized by the crystal you are protecting. Only by guiding it safely to the will you accomplish your goal and escape from the nightmarish space prison you are trapped in. Of course, accomplishing your goal will require a solid strategy, fast reactions, and cooperation between all the members of your team.

Endless Dungeon pits you against a maze of procedurally generated areas alongside up to two friends in Co-op mode. Each of you will control a hero with unique capabilities and it's up to you to combine their skills to protect the crystal and reach the exit. As in other roguelike games, dying is not the end of your journey. When you die you will reappear in a hub where you can upgrade your character to make it ready for the next run.



With colorful and detailed graphics, six heroes to choose from at launch, a plethora of exciting features, and unending replayability, Endless Dungeon honors its name by offering you many hours of adventure. The release of the game is scheduled for October 19, 2023, on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Feel free to use our comparator to get a cheap Endless Dungeon CD key and get ready to immerse into the Endless universe very soon.

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