Endless Dungeon will not be ready for a while

Endless Dungeon will not be ready for a while

Given the huge popularity of Dungeon of the Endless, which can be considered a masterpiece of the tower defense genre. there are many players quite interested in its sequel. While Endless Dungeon takes a completely different approach to a similar type of scenario, the game looks quite exciting and the transition from one title to another should be very smooth for the fans of the first one.



Endless Dungeon tales the form of a twin-stick tactical shooter where a team of players has to escort an energy crystal through a labyrinth of corridors while protecting it from the attacks of waves of enemies. The game abandons the pixel-art graphics style of its predecessor to offer a more modern experience full of colorful action. The game offers you several characters to choose from, multiple ways to develop their abilities, and a plethora of weapons to use in tactical battles. Add a roguelike touch of randomization and a huge dose of replayability, and the resulting formula yields a very exciting addition to your library of games.

An unexpected delay

The release of Endless Dungeon was scheduled for next month. Unfortunately, it seems that all those eager to play the game will have to wait a bit longer. Developer Amplitude Studios has announced via Twitter that they are not ready for a May 18th release as initially planned, and decided to move the launch date to October 19th, 2023. The studio will be using this extra development time to polish several aspects of the game in order to deliver the best roguelike experience possible. 



While a delay is always annoying, facing a game that offers a poor experience is a worse scenario. Therefore, the developer's commitment to creating the best possible game is quite welcome. Remember that you can find the best prices to buy Endless Dungeon cheap with our comparator.

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