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Endless Dungeon gets a release date

Endless Dungeon gets a release date

Amplitude Studios has created several games around the Endless franchise and all of them have been quite successful in their respective genres. Endless Legend is quite an interesting fantasy alternative to the Civilization series that enhances the classic mechanics to deliver an exciting 4X strategy experience. The same can be said for Endless Space and its sequel Endless Space 2, which take the action to space. But before those, the studio came up with a game that is well-known to the fans of the strategy genre. We are talking, of course, about Dungeon of the Endless, a tower defense roguelike game that lets you explore procedurally generated dungeons. 

Precisely this game has served as a foundation to create the new title from the studio, Endless Dungeon, a twin-stick action RPG that can be considered the modern version of Dungeon of the Endless. It's a thrilling experience that allows you to explore an abandoned space station. Alone or with your friends you can fight against plenty of enemies as you navigate the dark corridors and rooms of the ship. Your only way to escape is by guiding your trusty crystal bot to the core, but due to its fragile nature, you will have to protect it from all attacks on the way to its destination. 



A colorful cast of enemies, labyrinthic maps, and plenty of traps await you in this perilous journey but you will be able to make use of a huge variety of weapons, gadgets, and special abilities to protect your companion. Endless Dungeon features multiplayer cooperative gameplay for up to three players and it's the ultimate roguelike adventure of the Endless universe. 

With infinite replayability potential, a unique art style, and lots of action, the game already has a lot of fans ready to play it. Amplitude Studios has just confirmed the release date and you can even take an early look at the game if you pre-order the Endless Dungeon Last Wish Edition, which includes early access, additional skins, and more. The release of the game is scheduled for May 14, 2023, on PC and you can use our comparator to find out the best deals on Endless Dungeon PC keys already.

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