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Elite Dangerous' expansion gets a release date

Elite Dangerous' expansion gets a release date

Elite Dangerous is not the first massively multiplayer game that lets you explore the far reaches of the galaxy, but its epic experience as the pilot of a small starship is second to none. With a whole galaxy to explore as you travel between planets, mine resources, trade with other players, fight against pirates, and engage in plenty of other activities,  the game offers you endless hours of fun. But the release of its upcoming expansion Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is about to make the game even better, as it will add plenty of new features that will completely change the gameplay.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will allow you to leave your starship and explore different environments on foot. You will be able to visit the surface of countless unique planets and explore them on foot for the first time in the game. It will be quite nice to stretch your legs and discover what all these locations hide after all this time, but you must be ready for all kinds of experiences. You will be able to approach any situation in whatever form you choose, stealth, diplomacy, or violence are just a few ones, but remember that you won't be alone and there are plenty of other players that can become your partners in your endeavors. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will turn the game into a new experience, offering a whole new universe of possibilities to you when it comes to combat and exploration.


The expansion has been under testing for a long while, but you will finally be able to enjoy its content next month. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will launch on 19th May on PC. Unfortunately, if you play Elite Dangerous on a console, you will have to wait for a few more months until the expansion becomes available on PlayStation and Xbox.

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