Elite Dangerous is currently free on PC

Elite Dangerous is currently free on PC

The Elite series has been allowing players to have their good share of space exploration and combat for quite a long time. The most seasoned players probably remember playing the original game in 1984 with its revolutionary 3D graphics, and quite a few more probably had the opportunity of playing its two sequels in 1993 and 1995 respectively. But those were completely different times, and the series took quite a long break until 2014 when Elite Dangerous, the fourth and latest installment was released after a successful crowdfunding campaign. With modern graphics and quite a few new features, including online multiplayer in a persistent world, Elite Dangerous rapidly became a hit among those players wanting to relive old experiences and deep space exploration with almost total freedom. After its release, the game has also expanded its content with several expansions and updates that enhanced gameplay in several ways. 

Whether you prefer exploration, combat, trading, or all three of them, Elite Dangerous has appropriate activities for you as you navigate through space. You can now get the game for free on Epic Games Store. all you have to do is logging in with your account and claiming the game, which will be available until next Thursday. This free version of Elite Dangerous includes its Horizons expansion as a bonus.



But Elite Dangerous is not the only free game on Epic Games Store this week. If you prefer other types of games, The World Next Door is also obtainable without having to pay for it until November 26. This indie game is a combination of visual novel and puzzle-battler that follow the adventures of Jun, a rebellious teen who finds herself lost in a magical world.



Both games will be replaced by the offroad driving simulator MudRunner next week, which you will also be able to get for free on the same platform. If none of those is your cup of tea, you can always visit our comparator to find the best price for any other game you want.

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