Techland is taking Dying Light 2 to the next level

Techland is taking Dying Light 2 to the next level

Dying Light 2 was built with the huge success of its predecessor as a foundation and it has not disappointed the fans. The new parkour system, which is tailored to other gameplay mechanics apart from mobility, gives the game a dynamism that is unique for a zombie game. That is just the tip of the iceberg in Techland's latest zombie game, which offers an exciting experience like no other to the fans of the genre. 



Dying Light 2 has been receiving additional content and improvements since it was released, but Techland has ambitious plans for it and has announced a new update that will take the horror side of Dying Light 2 to a superior level.

Scarier than ever

In an interview with The Gamer, Dying Light 2 director Tymon Smektała has revealed the studio's plans to radically improve the game to make it a true horror experience at night. As the fans of the series know, zombies get more active and dangerous in Dying Light 2 during nighttime and they pose a real challenge to players that are not careful enough. Techland is taking steps to make that experience even better.

"Horror became a huge part of Dying Light’s DNA so we’ll keep it as a part of the experience moving forward. Our next update, planned for early summer, is focused exactly on this - we’re ramping up our night experience, making it even scarier. We hope to create a tense experience that will make our players “shit their pants”. We plan to pull all the stops - gameplay mechanics, visual tricks, audio scares. Get ready!"

When combined with a deeper level of horror, the dynamic action of Dying Light 2 will turn into a frantic experience that will drag even more players into a franchise that is one of the most popular in the genre. Also, the release of the second DLC for the game later this year will contribute to maintaining Dying Light 2 alive for much longer. Of course, if you are yet to experience the adrenaline rush that playing the game causes, you can use our comparator to buy Dying Light 2 cheap anytime.

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