Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC launches next Thursday

Dying Light 2 Bloody Ties DLC launches next Thursday

Techland is following the announced post-launch content schedule for Dying Light 2 and will soon release the first story DLC for the game. Bloody Ties adds a new scenario to the game that will be the center of exciting combats. The Carnage Hall is a former opera building that has been turned into a fighting arena of sorts where players will take on bloody challenges for the excitement of the public. If you are up for facing other threats than zombies it's the perfect expansion for you.

Welcome to the biggest show in The City

On the story side, The Carnage Hall hides many secrets and Bloody Ties will let you meet some important personalities of The City and delve into these, but the DLC is mostly focused on challenges and quests. In order to perform efficiently in such a show, you will have access to an arsenal of new weapons that you can wield with spectacular results in combat. Also, new mutations of the ever-present infected will give you a hard time while you figure out how to deal with them, but that's part of the fun, isn't it? 

You can take a good view of all the features in the Bloody Ties DLC for Dying Light 2 in an overview video recently released by Techland.



Bloody Ties launches next Thursday on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. You can buy the DLC separately but it's included as part of the Dying Light 2 Ultimate and Deluxe editions. Check out the best prices to buy them on our comparator and you will save a lot of cash when purchasing your Dying Light 2 code on any platform. You are still in time to get the Aristocrat Pack as a pre-order bonus for the Bloody Ties DLC. It contains some exclusive cool-looking cosmetics to personalize your character and weapons.

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