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Diablo Immortal will launch on PC

Diablo Immortal will launch on PC

Blizzard seems to have left behind most of its problems and is now focusing on the road ahead. That's what you can extract from the recent batch of announcements that include Dragonflight, the new expansion for World of Warcraft. The popular MMORPG franchise is not the only one in the spotlight, as Overwatch 2 beta will arrive soon too. It looks that Diablo 4 still has a long journey ahead, but its fans will have something to entertain themselves while they wait. We are talking about Diablo Immortal.



When Diablo Immortal was announced at the BlizzCon, it was received with mixed feelings. The community was expecting the announcement of a new main installment of the franchise and not a spin-off for mobiles. Moving fast forward until today, the mood of the fans has changed, and the need for a replacement for Diablo 3 is more noticeable than ever. Therefore, Diablo Immortal is looked upon with other eyes, especially now that Blizzard has confirmed that the game will be released for mobile devices and PC this summer.

Diablo Immortal's release date

The launch of Diablo Immortal is scheduled for June 2. The game is a free-to-play MMO action RPG whose story takes place between the events in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. Fragments of the shattered Worldstone are corrupting the world of Sanctuary. If they are gathered together, their power may be enough to bring back the Lord of Terror. Heroes rise to fight against the forces of evil to prevent that from happening.



Diablo Immortal is a game originally designed with mobile devices in mind that will feature six different classes: Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard. You will choose one and fight against hordes of new and old enemies across the lands of Sanctuary. 

Diablo Immortal will be the first free-to-play game in the franchise, and it will catch the attention of many players. It will come up as the perfect introduction for those yet to discover this universe of demons and heroes. Feel free to visit our comparator to find other games in the franchise at the best price and get your Diablo 3 PC key today.

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