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Destiny 2's new season starts next Monday

Destiny 2's new season starts next Monday

Since Bungie parted with Electronic Arts in 2019 the company has had a lot more control over the type of content Destiny 2 is receiving. Not only the free version of the game has contributed to bring more players into the game, but also the new expansions and the seasonal content released for the game have turned its player base quite more stable. The launch of the Beyond Light expansion last year has set the scene for the following months and now that a new season is about to begin plenty of new events will take place.

The Season of the Splicer begins next week and it's bringing new weapons and missions to the game, along with the return of one of the classic raids in the series, the Vault of Glass. The storyline of this season has the Vex as the protagonists. These ancient metal warriors have always been a threat to the Guardians but they are back with a plan to disrupt the galaxy. The Vex have blocked the sun, throwing the Last City into an endless night. Of course, Guardians will be in charge of restoring sunlight to the city with the help of some unexpected allies.



In terms of content, the Season of the Splicer includes a new version of the Vault of Glass, the first raid in Destiny, which will allow players to face many challenges in Venus. Be ready for a few surprises, even if you already managed to complete the raid in the past. There will also be new weapons available this season, and it will also mark the arrival of the new Armor Synthesis system, which will allow you to customize the looks of your Guardians.

If you haven't tried this awesome first-person shooting experience yet, the basic content of Destiny 2 is available for free to all players. Once you have figured out if you like it, there are several expansions that you can buy to expand the content and features in the game, including Shadowkeep and Beyond Light.

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