Learn more details about Destiny 2: Beyond Light story

Learn more details about Destiny 2: Beyond Light story

Other than great combat both in PvE and PvP, Destiny 2 is a game that lets players experience an epic storyline as they discover the secrets of our solar system. There are several factions that threaten the survival of the last city on Earth and the Guardians ultimately have faced plenty of enemies of all kinds through the story. Other than new gameplay features, the upcoming expansion Destiny 2: Beyond Light will expand the narrative in the game, and players will get to experience quite a few surprises as the story unfolds. Very little had been revealed about the events in the expansion, but a new video published by Bungie gives us a better knowledge of the intricacies of the story in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. We can discover some details about how Eramis has managed to use the power of Darkness to empower the fighting capabilities of the Fallen Kell, and hidden under the eternally frozen surface of Europa she has raised an army that could threaten the existence of every other race in the system.



Of course, the story in Destiny 2: Beyond Light has not been completely revealed yet, and players are bound to discover more of it when they play through the expansion, which is looking really good in all aspects. A new planet to explore, an expanded storyline, new exotic weapons, and Stasis-based powers for the Guardians, and plenty of new ways of playing the game are coming in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. It's quite clear that cold and freezing skills are going to take a prominent role in the gameplay after the expansion is released, but we are sure that players will find plenty of ways of combining their new powers with the older ones in order to achieve impressive feats.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will be available on November 10, 2020. You can visit our comparator anytime to find it at the best price on your platform of choice.

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