Destiny 2's new chapter will be revealed on June 9th

Destiny 2's new chapter will be revealed on June 9th

Destiny 2 has not been lacking players since Bungie parted ways with Activision, getting quite a bit more freedom in the way the additional content is released for the game. With the game becoming free to play and the launch of the Shadowkeep expansion, the game has managed to secure a more stable player base that makes all of its multiplayer content a bit more enjoyable. Also, the guys at Bungie have been busy releasing updates and limited time events to keep the players active. A new Destiny 2 update is on the way and it will bring a new chapter of the story. Bungie has announced it with a post on the game's official Instagram account which also includes a short video that shows Eris Morn moving through a frozen wasteland and confirms June 9th as the date for the reveal. 



Although the landscape in the video seems looks to be Jupiter’s moon Europa we don't really know what is Eris exactly looking for in that place. Since Guardian's ally seems to have a prominent role in the fight against the Darkness, this new arc of the story will probably have something to do with the arrival of the pyramid ships that are en route to the Earth, but we won't know much more details about the story until the reveal date arrives. Right now, Destiny 2 players have their hands full trying to destroy The Almighty before the Cabal superweapon collides with the Earth and another threat coming from outer space will definitely have them quite busy for a while.

Whatever de case is, you can expect for a lot of things to happen in Destiny 2 in the following weeks. If you have not tried Bungie's first-person shooter yet you can give it a try with the free-to-play version of the game, Destiny 2: New Light, which includes the base game and all the content released during its first year. If you like the game, it's highly recommended that you get its Shadowkeep expansion, that you can find at the best price on our comparator.


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