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The release date of Destiny 2 on Steam is confirmed

The release date of Destiny 2 on Steam is confirmed
A few weeks ago Bungie surprised us announcing its intention to move Destiny 2 from to Steam in a movement that would completely detach them from Activision. It seems that the creators of Destiny 2 would have done the things very differently had they not been bound by an agreement with the publisher, and now that they are free they have thought that their best option is to move to a different digital distribution platform. A date for this to happen was not announced until yesterday. Bungie not only revealed when Destiny 2 will be available on Steam but also the date for the players to start transferring their accounts from one platform to the other.

October 1st is the chosen date for the new free to play version of the game Destiny 2: New Light. Players that already own the game can sign up to link their accounts and transfer all of their content to the new platform on August 20th. Of course, they will keep all the content available to them, which includes the guardians and their progress, equipment, achievements, and pretty much everything they had when playing on Remember that once Destiny 2: New Light launches, all players will have access to Destiny 2's year one content as the game goes free to play. At the same time, Shadowkeep, the new Destiny 2 expansion, will launch on October 1st too.

Moving to Steam will give Bungie more freedom when choosing how to expand their game, but that is not the only big change coming to Destiny 2. The game is also getting a "cross-save" feature on August 21. It will let players play with the same account on several platforms. That doesn't mean that the game will feature cross-play. If you want to play with your friends and they are playing on PlayStation 4, you will have to play on PS4 too, for example. Don't forget to sign up and link your Destiny 2 account to Steam as soon as possible since it's quite likely that recovering anything lost once the game has moved to Valve's platform is going to be quite tricky if not impossible.
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