Bungie announces the next Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light

Bungie announces the next Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light

Bungie is definitely giving Destiny 2 a new life now that the way of releasing new content for the game is strictly under their control. Yesterday's reveal was awesome and it did shed some light on the novelties coming to the game in the following months. The most significant one is the upcoming launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, a new expansion that will be available on all platforms on September 22. 



We guessed correctly that the new story would take the guardians to the frozen lands of Jupiter's moon, Europa. Our mission requires that we infiltrate a Golden Age Braytech facility to investigate the secrets that it hides. Also, Destiny 2: Beyond Light will add new power to the game that the Guardians will be able to wield to fight the new threats that they will have to face in the content that the expansion adds. Stasis will join Arc, Solar, and Void as one of the elements that the Guardians can use, and although every class will use it in a different way, all of them will receive new and impressive powers.

In Europa, you will have to face a new faction which is composed of the former houses of the Fallen who have rallied and now follow Eramis under the banner of the Fallen Kell of Darkness. But if you are looking for an even bigger challenge you will also be able to visit the Deep Stone Crypt, which lies under the frozen territories of Europa, and explore it along with 5 other friends to get powerful loot and rewards.



Other than the upcoming expansion, Destiny 2 already started yesterday the Season of Arrivals, which includes a new dungeon for you to explore, Prophecy.

It seems that leaving Activision behind has given more control to Bungie over when and where they are releasing more content for Destiny 2 and they are making very good use of it. 

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