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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor had an amazing launch

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor had an amazing launch

It's only been a few days since Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor was released on PC via Early Access but it's been enough time to sell over half a million copies. This new roguelike adventure starring the dwarves from Deep Rock Galactic has become quite popular among the fans of the genre due to its unique gameplay mechanics. The game is an auto shooter where you control a dwarf who is sent on a mission to gather resources and exterminate a hostile threat composed of alien bugs. With four different characters to choose from, each with different skills, and a huge variety of weapons to choose from, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor has catapulted itself to success with its addictive roguelike gameplay.

The road ahead

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is all about relentlessly obliterating waves of enemies while excavating for rare minerals and gold that you can use to further improve your weapons. As you progress through the game, you unlock more specializations for each class, new weapons, and artefacts that you can encounter on the following expeditions. The game follows a pattern similar to Vampire Survivors and there are a huge variety of builds for each class depending on what weapons you choose and how you upgrade them.

Developer Funday Games has revealed many details about the future of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor in a recent statement that reveals the roadmap for the game. Apart from welcoming suggestions from the fans, the studio plans to give more protagonism to Bosco, the small robot that accompanies all dwarves on the expeditions. Also, the studio intends to expand the content in the game with new secondary missions, a new biome yet to be announced, more overclocks to modify the weapons as you level them up, and even mutators that will change the hazards that you can find on every expedition. All those changes will contribute to greatly increasing variety in the game and give the player more options to boost replayability.



Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor already has a strong core composed of strong gameplay mechanics but it will benefit from all these additions in the long run. Its journey through Early Access will bring many changes. Remember that our comparator is the best source of Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Steam keys if you want to delve underground for some pest extermination and mining.

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