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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor enters Early Access with very good vibes

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor enters Early Access with very good vibes

The Dwarves of Deep Rock Galactic have experienced countless adventures in mining expeditions but Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor takes a completely different approach to the gameplay. The new game is a spin-off that leaves aside FPS mechanics to offer a thrilling roguelike autoshooter experience that reminisces of titles like Vampire Survivors. In Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor you take the role of a Dwarf that explores a cave to mine resources while surviving the permanent assault of alien bugs. The game was just released in Early Access via Steam and the reactions to it have been overwhelmingly positive.

Drill, kill, escape

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor lets you choose between four different Dwarves, each of them specialized in a certain field. You start your career as a Scout but as you progress through the game you will unlock the Engineer, Gunner, and Driller classes. Their unique abilities let you play the game in a variety of ways but you can improve your performance as you play.

In Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor you move through a map and drill through the rocks to father different types of resources. You also have to avoid the attacks of bugs that keep you under permanent assault and kill them with your weapons. When killed, the bugs drop experience shards that you can collect to level up, and every time that happens you get to choose between three upgrades of different quality for your character. This mechanic allows you to create a specialized build as you improve your weapons. However, your goal is to gather as many resources as possible, kill some elite enemies that will appear after some time, and then escape the area.



Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor delivers a thrilling experience that gets progressively more difficult as you progress through the game. The game adds a new layer of complexity to the genre with its drilling mechanic. You can drill through rocks to open new paths but it takes time and you will slow down while doing so. Also, you need to complete certain mission objectives in every one of your mining expeditions.

It's too early to say if Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will become as big and popular as its FPS counterpart but it already offers a solid experience to the fans of the Dwarves across the galaxy. As usual, the cheapest deals on Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor PC codes are available with our comparator already.

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