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Deep Rock Galactic announces second season launch date

Deep Rock Galactic announces second season launch date

The space mining dwarves are back with their second season. Ghost Ship Games' Deep Rock Galactic Season 2: Rival Escalation will launch on Steam on April 28. Check out the announcement trailer now. 



Following up on their success with Season 1: Rival Incursion and last year's Battle Pass, Ghost Ship Games has confirmed two new features for the next season. 

First, each class will have a new secondary weapon for a total of four. While the studio has yet to showcase them, they will soon reveal them through teasers as the launch date approaches. That said, each one will have the “usual full of mods, overclocks, assignments and unlockable weapon frames for all existing weapon frame sets.”

Second, the new season will include a new free Performance Pass, with its own Seasonal Events baked in. Expect a lot of new cosmetics to unlock, along with credits and crafting materials.  

As for Season 1 cosmetics and items, players don’t have to worry—they will get to keep everything they’ve unlocked and won’t lose items they haven’t unlocked yet. Ghost Ship Games will soon reveal how this will work. Plus there will be quality of life improvements, fixes, and tweaks to come.

According to Søren Lundgaard, head of Ghost Ship Games: 

"We wanted players embarking on this next chapter of Deep Rock Galactic to continue the narrative we started in Rival Incursion. Rival Escalation continues our commitment to offering exceptional content to all our players, and creating new opportunities for our audience to engage with other players in the complex caverns of Hoxxes IV."

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and grab a Deep Rock Galactic PC code from our comparator ahead of the launch date. Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 will launch on April 28, 2022, for the PC and May 5, 2022, for Xbox and PlayStation.


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