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Deep Rock Galactic Unleashes Killer Robots in Free Battle Pass

Deep Rock Galactic Unleashes Killer Robots in Free Battle Pass

The brains over at Ghost Ship Games seem far from done with their multiplayer space mining game Deep Rock Galactic; they have just announced Season 01: Rival Incursion, a Season Pass they are touting as “the biggest update ever” that’s also 100% free.



Deep Rock Galactic is about a company of dwarven space miners doing what dwarves do best: dig too greedily and too deep. As a team of four, you must dig up as many precious minerals as you can while defending yourself from all manner of threats such as alien swarms. 

The new Season Pass ups the ante by throwing in a rival corporation encroaching on your dwarves’ turf. Apart from the horde of alien bugs, you’ll also face off against the rival company’s army of killer robots. Look out for shredder drones, turrets, and patrol robots who will pester you alongside the alien bugs.

To highlight this new enemy, Season 01 includes Industrial Sabotage a new mission type where you fight against a computer known as the Data Vault. It seems the enemy has been storing data about prime mining locations in this Vault, and you believe it's time they spread the wealth a little. This calls for a data heist, except that dwarves don’t have much use for stealth so they will shoot their way through to the Vault and take what they can get. Expect hordes of robot foes to slow you down. They will show up on this mission and on other mission types too.

What’s more, your dwarves also get weapon upgrades, as listed below:

  • Gunner - Hurricane, a launcher that fires remote-controlled missiles
  • Engineer - LOK1 Smart rifle that can lock on enemies
  • Scout - Plasma Carbine, a gun that fires rapid shots of plasma
  • Driller - Corrosive Sludge Pump, which hurls globs of acidic slime

Add to this a scoring system where you can trade points from accomplished missions for cosmetics, emotes, crafting materials, and others, and you can see that this is one enormous update indeed. 



Season 01: Rival Incursion will launch on November 4 for Steam and on November 18 for Xbox and Xbox Game Pass. Get ready for it by grabbing the cheapest price for Deep Rock Galactic on our comparator.

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