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Darkest Dungeon II is available today

Darkest Dungeon II is available today

The original Darkest Dungeon from Red Hook Studios is a roguelike turn-based adventure unique in its genre. It pits a group of heroes against the unspeakable horrors and terrible secrets hidden in the grounds of an isolated manor. It has become a cult game by its own merits thanks to its high difficulty, gothic art style, and singular approach to the dark universe where it's set. The announcement of its sequel had a great welcome from its huge community of fans, and Darkest Dungeon II is now ready to release after spending about a year in Early Access.

Darkest Dungeon II is quite different from its predecessor in many aspects. After facing the terrible truth hidden in the depths of the manor, you join the heroes on a stagecoach journey through dangerous land on a quest to purge the evil creatures that are haunting the region. In this journey of hope for redemption, you can choose your own path as you progress, collect new equipment and relics, enhance the heroes' abilities, and take part in battles against cultists, monsters, beasts, and all sorts of evil creatures. You can watch the Darkest Dungeon II launch trailer below.



Day 1 patch

Red Hook Studios has prepared a huge patch for Darkest Dungeon II launch day. It adds new gameplay mechanics, balance changes, and the final character class that will complete the game's roster: the Flagellant. The release day patch also includes a new tutorial that is perfect for those adventuring in the dark universe where the game is set for the first time. Darkest Dungeon II offers an experience that gets progressively harder and it's quite unforgiving, as you will easily see the heroes die, get mad, or even worse. 

Darkest Dungeon II abandons Early Access and the final version of the game is available today on PC via Epic Games Store and Steam. With its new features and mechanics, it has all the elements needed to become a huge hit. You can get your Darkest Dungeon II PC key cheap with our comparator if you are brave enough to face evil.

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