Cult of the Lamb gets a new free update

Cult of the Lamb gets a new free update

Hit rogue-lite cult simulator Cult of the Lamb ups the ante on cutesy violence with its brand new update coming in 2023. You can check out their formal announcement from developer Massive Monster’s Twitter.



According to the developers, Cult of the Lamb will feature new looks for bosses, new difficulty levels, accessibility and quality of life changes, and finally, a new Heavy Attack—things that have come from player feedback. 

The Heavy Attack, for instance, is executed by holding down the Attack button. Each heavy Attack is unique to each weapon. The axe, for example, is thrown and comes back like a boomerang. The sword has a shove-back effect, and the dagger summons a flurry of thrown blades. 

Massive Monster will also release various bug fixes, which are scheduled for the start of the year. They haven’t given a specific date for this update, however. “We have another round of fixes scheduled for the new year. It is focused on resolving many issues for console players,” they state in the announcement. “After that, we will be working on releasing the Major Content Update as soon as we can!”

This appears to be just the first of several major updates for Cult of the Lamb. The game’s Blood Moon Festival last October also teased some new combat and dungeon exploration features coming at an undisclosed time.

Cult of the Lamb made a splash in the summer of 2022 for its cute yet creepy approach to building your own cult to worship an elder god. It has since been nominated for the Best Indie Game category in the recent The Game Awards.

If you’re thinking of starting the New Year with your own cult of cute but violent animals, you can buy a Cult of the Lamb PC key from your comparator. Also available is the Cult of the Lamb: Cultist Pack which adds new followers and decorations for your base.

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