Stray and Cult of the Lamb announce new release time frames

Stray and Cult of the Lamb announce new release time frames

Stray and Cult of the Lamb are indie games about cute lovable animals caught in odd circumstances. News has been scarce for both, but recently both games have announced new release windows, although specific dates have yet to be announced. 

According to a PlayStation tweet, Stray’s release window will be moved to this summer instead of the originally announced early 2022 release. 

Cult of the Lamb, which didn’t have a clear release window other than later in 2022, has also been announced to release in autumn.   

Finally, a third game, We are OFK, was also slated to launch in the summer. 



BlueTwelve Studio’sStray is an adventure game seen through the eyes of an adorable feline. This stray cat is lost in a cyberpunk city that appears to have been abandoned by humans, leaving robotic citizens in charge. With a flying drone known as B-12 as your only friend, you must solve this mystery, make your way through this hostile environment and find your way back to your loving family. 



Meanwhile, DevolverDigital’s Cult of the Lamb is more of a cult and town simulator. You play an anthropomorphic lamb possessed by a dark elder god, and your quest is to gather followers to fight against other cults and establish your dominance as the one true faith. You will explore a procedurally generated world, gather followers, build up a community, and perform rituals to strengthen your faith. Of course, the opposing cults will object to your existence, so be prepared to defend your base against their incursions.


Stray will be out in summer and Cult of the Lamb launches some time in autumn. Check out the best prices for a Stray PS5 key and a Cult of the Lamb PC key with our comparator ahead of the release.

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