Cult of the Lamb trailer is scary fun

Cult of the Lamb trailer is scary fun

Starting a cult has never seemed so cute as in the game Cult of the Lamb. Developed by indie studio Massive Monster, makers of the equally creative and unique Death’s Door, Cult of the Lamb sticks you in the role of a fluffy sheep who is saved from execution by some kind of one-eyed elder god. As payment for saving your life, you become the messenger for the unholy being, tasked with spreading their word and destroying false prophets using your god-given supernatural powers. The game’s announcement trailer recently debuted in Gamescom Opening Night Live.



The cute hand-drawn animation and character designs blend oddly well with the game’s demonic overtones. Cult of the Lamb is a roguelike game with base-building and dungeon-crawling elements. Like with the Cultist Simulator, your job is to build a religion around your eldritch god. You will need to explore a procedurally generated world, gather believers from various woodland creatures, and convince them to join your growing community. Have your followers gather resources to build structures where you can perform mystical rituals to worship your god. You may also give sermons to increase your followers’ faith. You get to choose exactly what kind of leader you’ll be: either a kind shepherd or a tyrant raining fire and brimstone on your flock.

Of course, you don’t get to be powerful and not make a few enemies along the way. You will have to defend yourself against other cults with no qualms about sending their minions after you. Cleanse the heathens, absorb their powers, and prove your cult’s supremacy. 



Cult of the Lamb is set to release for the PC and consoles sometime in 2022.


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