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The Cult of the Lamb gameplay guide is here

The Cult of the Lamb gameplay guide is here

Worshipping an evil god is not an easy thing, and it becomes even more complicated when it's not just a personal matter. When you intend to share your faith and create your own cult of believers you get immersed in quite a challenging experience. Cult of the Lamb allows you to take on such a mission with a good dose of humor, lots of action, and a cute graphic style. Developer Devolver Digital has revealed a new video that serves as a brief guide for rookie cult leaders and gives you some insight into some of the gameplay mechanics and features in the upcoming action-roguelike game.

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In Cult of the Lamb, you are saved from sacrifice from The One Who Waits, and tasked with creating a cult that worships him. Unfortunately, the Lands of the Old Faith is full of false prophets and non-believers, and you will need to get your hands dirty to make your cult grow. Recruiting adepts for your cult can be done in several ways. Choosing the rules of your doctrine, indoctrinating your new followers into the cult, and keeping them in check and motivated via sermons is required for their faith (and your power) to grow. You will also need to build a thriving community to keep them happy. But beware of the bad weeds. Non-believers should be reeducated as soon as possible, but if they fail to follow the precepts of the faith, they need to be dealt with, even if that means sacrificing them.



Cult of the Lamb is an exciting roguelike experience for those looking to serve to become an influential figure under the shadow of an old god. The release of the game is scheduled for August 11 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. You can check out the best game deals and buy your Cult of the Lamb key cheap on our comparator.

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