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Celeste and Inside are free

Celeste and Inside are free

Even though there are many people that are actively opposing Epic Games in the way they are handling the exclusives on their store, the developer of Fortnite continues advancing step by step to secure a space for its shop in a market that still is mainly controlled by Steam.

One of the ways of doing that is through Epic Games Store's free games program, which has already given away 28 different titles since it started in December 2018. The list is starting to be sizeable and it includes games like Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, Moonlighter, Enter the Gungeon, Transistor or Subnautica among many others. We are bound to see at least a new one every week until the end of the year. Last week you could grab Fez but starting today and until September 5th you will be able to get not one but two different games for free on PC: Celeste and Inside.

Celeste is an award-winning 2D pixel-art style platformer where you will help Madeline to survive on her perilous ascension to the top of the Celeste mountain. As she navigates through the many levels that compose the route to the top, she will have to face her inner demons and master a multidirectional dash that can be performed mid-air to avoid lethal traps, pitfalls, and all kinds of dangers.

Inside is the spiritual successor of the critically acclaimed Limbo. It is a 2.5D platformer full of puzzles where we will play as an unnamed boy that has to advance through a dark environment. avoiding traps and enemies. He is being chased but he doesn't know why and maybe if he continues exploring this unknown world he will have a chance to discover what's going on. Until then, he can only think of staying alive and escaping.

Those two games bring the games in the list to a total of thirty and the amount of players that show an interest on Epic Games Store is growing too. Meanwhile, Valve is it yet to show any kind of initiative and it's leaving the response in the hands of the angry fans that see Epic Games Store's exclusives as outrageous.

  • Official website : INSIDE
  • Categories : Adventure
  • Editor : PlayDead
  • Developer : PlayDead
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : July 7, 2016
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