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Borderlands 3 is getting huge with new planets, a massive spaceship, and improved graphics

Borderlands 3 is getting huge with new planets, a massive spaceship, and improved graphics

Borderlands 3 is showing off with some new game features.



Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Software, announced Borderlands 3 last month at PAX East and we can’t stop talking about it since then. It’s been so long since the previous title in the series was released that the expectation has become quite high regarding Gearbox's new launch. Borderlands 2 was launched in 2012 and was considered a cutting-edge game then, but now, it seems outdated. It´s true that we got the last spinoff Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel just five years ago and that a lot of remastered versions, collections of previous titles, DLC and all have been appearing over the years, but we all were still waiting for a brand new installment of the Borderlands series.

New Features of Borderlands 3

After the initial announcement, Gearbox Software has been giving us tidbits of what's to come in the first trailer and yesterday's gameplay reveal.

The trailer revealed an expanded Borderlands 3's universe where we will be able to travel to other planets and systems beyond Pandora. The main way of doing so is through a new the giant spaceship called Sanctuary 3, that will act as a common area where you can meet old friends, travel to new worlds, and gear your characters up. It´s like the hub city in Borderlands 2 that shares its name, but traveling in the space. Another thing to note is the updated visuals. Borderlands 3 has gritty cities and neon lights – it’s a lot crisper and more vibrant. The game features a better sense of depth making aiming and shooting more natural. There’s a whole new level of detail involved that shows in the bullets flying around that will leave traces of damage and markings on your surroundings.

Borderlands 3 supports single-player, online co-op, and local co-op. We may agree that the games in the series haven´t been the most challenging ones out there, but they are some of the most satisfying. Millions of guns for you to use, dark and silly humor, and unique characters tied up with an interesting enough story have made previous installments amazingly fun and we don´t expect any less from Borderlands 3. There’s something good in searching for justice and loot through space while gunning your enemies down. Borderlands 3 is set to release on September 13th on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

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