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Borderlands 3 is free on Epic Games Store this week

Borderlands 3 is free on Epic Games Store this week

Are you one of those that think that it's impossible to get good tripe-A games for free? Epic Games Store and Gearbox are proving you wrong this week with an incredible offer. One of the best looter-shooter of all time is available for free on PC right now. Borderlands 3 is just what you need to get rid of some stress, and you can get a copy of the game and keep it forever on Epic Games Store until next Thursday. You have no excuses to avoid visiting the shop and claiming it if you are yet to discover the secret that lies behind the existence of the Vaults.

Shoot'em down for loot and fun

Borderlands 3 follows the steps of its predecessors with a thrilling and irreverent story starring some of the wackiest characters in the story of video games. Travel to the world of Pandora and embark on an epic adventure that will pit you against the Children of the Vault while you delve into the secrets of the Eridians and their ancient civilization. 

Choose between four Vault Hunters, each of them with different powers and skill trees that you can use to create your own gameplay style, and get ready to face bloodthirsty gang members, robotic nightmares, and alien creatures. You won't have to worry about your firepower; loot and weapons will literally rain from the sky in Borderlands 3 as you massacre hordes of enemies and deadly bosses. Each weapon has different shooting modes, and you can combine them with grenades to obliterate your opponents in the most amazing ways. 



Borderlands 3 has everything you need to have lots of fun: fast-paced gameplay full of action to the boot, a thrilling storyline, iconic characters from previous installments in the Borderlands series, endless replayability, and customizable difficulty that always poses a challenge thanks to the Mayhem modifiers, and more. If you want to add even more content to the game, you can visit our comparator to buy a Borderlands 3 Season Pass PC key cheap and add new scenarios, bosses, challenges, and exciting stories to the game. What else could you ask for?

May 20, 2022, 12:28 PM
Amazing offer by EGS, already grabbed it
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