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Blizzard keeps tuning Diablo 4 classes' performance

Blizzard keeps tuning Diablo 4 classes' performance

Class balance has always been an issue in Blizzard games, and Diablo 4 is no different. I players are accustomed to the developers making changes to specific abilities now and then to boost less powerful classes. Not only this keeps players happy, but also has a deep impact on group and raid composition because there are many members of the community that want to play "the best" class at any given time. Theoretically, it should be a simple issue for Diablo 4, a game that has been released recently and features fewer character classes, but the complex itemization in the game can turn it into a nightmare.



An endless search for the perfect balance

In Diablo 4, Necromancers saw their power drastically reduced after the first beta, for example. Although this generated some complaints, the difference in power when compared to other classes was so obvious that the change was necessary. Since then, Blizzard has taken a different direction with the balance changes, and the latest update of Diablo 4 proves it as it brings a relevant power increase for basic abilities across the board for all classes.

“We’re continuing our efforts to make all class builds feel fun and powerful with another round of balance updates. In particular, we have seen community feedback stating that basic skills aren’t impactful enough in combat. These changes will not change the fundamental relationship between basic skills and core skills, but we hope that they help smooth out the leveling experience while we explore additional ways to strengthen them. We are also increasing the power of some skills that players feel are lagging behind their peers. As we look forward to future updates, we’re monitoring other heavily discussed topics, such as minion survivability and build parity.”

Update 1.0.3 also makes Nightmare Dungeons worthwhile, as the patch significantly increases the experience gained when killing monsters and completing them. It's also possible to teleport to said dungeons from the game map. For a more detailed look at the changes, you can check out the official 1.0.3 patch notes.

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