Diablo 4's latest trailer delves into its story

Diablo 4's latest trailer delves into its story

Following the recent release of the Diablo 4 gameplay launch trailer, Activision Blizzard wants to delve into a different aspect of the game with its latest video. Instead of indulging yourself with exciting gameplay mechanics, awesome-looking abilities, and deadly bosses, you can now watch the Diablo 4 story launch trailer to gain some insight into the secrets of Sanctuary and the events that have led the world to the current situation.



A new type of opponent

The video reveals that Lilith is not just another big demon craving for power and Diablo 4 will not just be another chapter in the endless war between Heavens and Hell. Sanctuary has been the battlefield in a cruel war between light and darkness, and you have been an important part of that in previous games. In Diablo 4, your antagonist is no other than the creator of Sanctuary. She returns from a long exile to claim what's hers and her actions will set in motion a series of events with you at the center that will change Sanctuary forever. The conflict will escalate to an unprecedented level of violence, and your actions will decide the fate of all humanity.

The story in Diablo 4 is at epic as it gets and it's just another element to drag you into the most popular ARPG franchise of all time. The lore of the series has grown and evolved as more games were released. Each title was a new chapter with an independent storyline but contributed to adding detail to a bigger underlying history. Without knowing how Diablo 4 ends, it's impossible to know what the future holds for Sanctuary, but it definitely looks that Diablo 4 will mark a point of no return for the franchise in terms of gameplay and story.

The huge participation levels in the beta prove that Diablo 4 has generated a lot of interest. Features like cooperative multiplayer on a semi-open world and PvP will definitely change the franchise forever, and Blizzard has plans to create a solid experience that goes beyond the campaign. With all that in mind, Diablo 4 will surely become one of the most important games of 2023 when it's released on June 6. If you don't want to miss it, you can purchase a Diablo 4 CD key for your preferred platform at the best price with our comparator.

Diablo 4
Diablo 4
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