Bioware Teases That ‘Mass Effect Will Continue’

Bioware Teases That ‘Mass Effect Will Continue’

It’s been a year since Bioware released a cinematic trailer during The Game Awards, teasing the future of Mass Effect (see the following trailer to jog your memory). The announcement pretty much confirmed not just remasters of the beloved trilogy but also hinted at the early development of the next Mass Effect installment. 

Last November 7, Bioware went a step further by releasing a teaser poster with the bold announcement: “Mass Effect Will Continue.”



This announcement coincides with N7 Day, when Bioware celebrates everything Mass Effect. The poster is just the morsel to get fans hungry for more content. Already, the richly-detailed poster has been the subject of a lot of speculation: just what are we looking at?

Details that jump out at the viewer are the markings on the spaceship: SFX, which was originally the name of Mass Effect before it was changed. This notably differs from the XTB or XT8 markings on the ship in the teaser.

Next, the four crew members approaching the crater appear to include an asari in the lead and a krogan following. Speculations put the asari as Liara T’soni, which makes sense given she’s a fan favorite and plays an important role in the Mass Effect story. It’s difficult to see the faces and races of the other characters, but it is possible they’re the same crew as the one in the teaser.

All four crew members are approaching a half-buried corpse in the dust. Could this be a geth? And what made that crater? Is its odd shape supposed to be some kind of clue?

We’re likely to get answers as more details about the new Mass Effect come along. Stay tuned for news as to when Mass Effect 4 will release. And if you have any ideas about the clues hidden in this image, please let us know in the comments below.



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