Learn about every novelty in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Learn about every novelty in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

It's just barely one month left until we can enjoy Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and BioWare has taken the time to go into detail and explain every change that this new version of the original Mass Effect trilogy will include. A new post on the official blog of the game thoroughly analyzes all the novelties that players will be able to experience when they play this revamped version, other than the obviously enhanced graphics with support for HDR and 4K. 

In Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the combat system has been tuned. Accuracy has been increased and many abilities have been rebalanced to be more meaningful. All weapons can be used by any class, and you will be able to specialize in their use for additional bonuses. When it comes to vehicles, the Mako has been recalibrated and it's been enhanced with thrusters and faster shield recharging. Other features, like the option of commanding squadmates independently of each other, have been extended to all three games in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Something similar happens with the DLC contents, armor and weapons can now be accessed through normal research or purchasing them from vendors instead of being unlocked from the start. 



Overall, the main goal with Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is to "tune up the trilogy and make it more consistent from game to game while honoring the things that made each unique". Of course, the launch of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on 14th May, will be a great opportunity of discovering one of the most acclaimed RPG series of all times but it will also be an awesome experience for all those that already got into the shoes of Commander Shepard to save the galaxy in the past. If you want to learn about every specific detail that has been changed on Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, you can visit the official website of the game here. Just remember to visit our comparator if you want to find it at the best price.

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