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Bioshock: The Collection is free on Epic Games Store

Bioshock: The Collection is free on Epic Games Store

The entire saga of the acclaimed Bioshock series is now available for free via the Epic Games Store. You can get, download, and install Bioshock: The Collection on PC through the Epic Games launcher and own it for life. The collection is free only until June 2, so better get it by then. 



Included inBioshock: The Collection are Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock Infinite, as well as all their DLCs: Minerva’s Den, Burial at Sea Episode 1 and Episode 2, and Clash in the Clouds. 

The original Bioshock was meant as a spiritual successor to the equally game-defining System Shock. Only this time, the game trades cyberpunk for biopunk and the orbiting Citadel station for Rapture, an underwater city. You play Jack, a plane crash survivor who travels to Rapture as if drawn by some mysterious force, only to find a city filled with mutated monstrosities driven made by uncontrolled biohacking. You’re soon caught in a war between two powerful individuals: Atlas, who represents the working class, and the tyrannical Andrew Ryan, a proxy for philosopher Ayn Rand.  

The madness continues in Bioshock 2. This time, you play as one of the monsters: a giant in a metal diving suit named Subject Delta. Your mission is to find and rescue Eleanor Lamb, daughter of Rapture’s newest leader, Sophia Lamb. Though Sophia is Andrew Ryan’s philosophical opposite with her populist approach, her methods are no less brutal. 

Finally, Bioshock Infinite is a rip-roaring ride among the clouds as you travel to the flying city of Colombia. This time, you play Booker DeWitt, a private investigator hired to retrieve a young woman, Elizabeth, from a cult led by Zachariah Comstock. It’s only later that you discover something special about Elizabeth: she has the power to create portals into different realities, which comes in handy when the entire city tries to hunt you down.

Bioshock: The Collection is available for free until June 2. If you prefer the single games, you can get a Bioshock, Bioshock 2, or Bioshock Infinite PC code from our comparator. 

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