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Bioshock 4 could possibly be delayed

Bioshock 4 could possibly be delayed

Since its announcement back on December 9, 2019, fans have been tantalized by the proposition of an all-new Bioshock game. There hasn’t been a new Bioshock since 2014’s Burial at Sea DLC, so any news about the game is welcome. However, 2K Games has been tight-lipped about the latest game’s development.  

Last year, there have been rumors floating around that Bioshock 4 is actually coming out in 2022. According to Colin Moriarty and VGC, the fourth game will be called Bioshock: Isolation, set in the 1960s in a new city, Borealis, located in the South Pole. However, series creator Kevin Levine won’t be attached to the project; instead, Bioshock 4 is being developed by Cloud Chamber, itself a studio composed of several veteran developers from the original series. 

However, more rumors popped up today that the game’s production is in a bit of trouble. According to industry insider Oops Leaks, the studio has let go of 40 developers since the project began. 



He further adds: 

“I've been told that some left on their own, some were fired for various reasons, nevertheless, it's not a 'development hell' but rather a 'slight restructuring'. The studio has already started hiring new employees. It is likely that the announcement date may shift for this reason."

This looks like troubled times for the production, especially since 2K has expressed dissatisfaction with the state of the game. This may translate to Bioshock 4 getting delayed to 2024, perhaps even longer.  

However, this is still considered a rumor, so there may still be hope that we’ll see Bioshock 4 get released this year—or at least get some updates on when it’s coming out. In the meantime, we can get some hype that Netflix is developing a Bioshock movie. Check out the announcement on IGN.



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