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BioShock 4 could feature an open world

BioShock 4 could feature an open world

As the spiritual successor to the System Shock series, BioShock caught the attention of many players when it was released in 2007. The original game was followed by two sequels, BioShock 2 and BioShock: Infinite, whose also had a very warm welcome, but we have been eagerly waiting for a new installment since 2013. In December 2019, 2K Games had announced that the development of such a game was underway, the one that is for now soberly called BioShock 4.

Another surprising fact about the announcement is that a new studio, Cloud Chamber, is in charge of the development of the new Bioshock. At the time, Kotaku reported that development had been underway for some time and would continue for several years. That's about all we knew about BioShock 4, and the past year and a half has probably had an impact on the development process, so it seems that we are going to need quite a bit of patience.



But even without an official statement about the game, it's still possible to get some information. Some of the jobs offered by the developer give us a glimpse of what the game will look like. Last August, we discovered that BioShock 4 will probably take place in an entirely new setting. One announcement, in particular, caught our attention and raised some questions among players. In the job description for a scriptwriter, we can read the following: 

We hope to find someone who can weave powerful, character-driven stories in an open world.

While this may not be a lot of information, it means a lot to the fans, who would find their gaming experience transformed and enriched. While this may raise some concerns, this new feature should be positive for BioShock 4 players, as the series is known for its beautiful environments and settings.

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