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Avowed is set to launch in Autumn this year

Avowed is set to launch in Autumn this year

During the Developer_Direct 2024, Xbox's early-year showcase, Carrie Patel, the director of Avowed, shared more information about Obsidian Entertainment's new action RPG in a sneak peek. Carrie comments on how the world of Avowed is packed with secrets on the Living Lands island in the world of Eora. She invites the combat and art director, and each explains the game's particulars better.

Combat director Gabriel Paramo states that Avowed's combat was designed to be seamless, combining a variety of weapons, attacks, and real-time abilities for the player to decide the best way to defeat enemies. For example, wielding a wand is helpful at medium and long range, but when opponents get closer, switching to a sword and shield is ideal. Or perhaps the best approach is to entangle enemies in roots with nature magic and then pierce them with dual pistols.



To empower this dynamic, there are load-outs, which are different types of builds, equipment, and a range of abilities that can be equipped with the press of a button. The player can change their entire combat style instantly, allowing the combat to remain fluid and agile. The preview highlights spells and different weapons, ranging from heavy axes to double wands and more.

In the sequence, Carrie highlights Avowed's quests, using an investigative one as an example, where the player needs to question various NPCs and decide the ending by themselves, acting as the judge, jury, and maybe even the executioner. Upon returning to the city, you will witness the outcomes of your choices unfolding.

Matt Hansen, the art director, shares his inspirations for creating Avowed. He mentions drawing inspiration from our world's culture to develop diverse biomes with vividly contrasting colors. The transition from a desert to an oasis should provide the same sense of adventure and danger despite the difference in scenery.

Avowed is an action RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind Pillars of Eternity, Pentiment, and The Outer Worlds. Not coincidentally, Avowed is set in the same world as Pillars, in Eora.

The sneak peek provided new, detailed, and intriguing information about the game and a release window, Autumn 2024, between September 22 and December 21, for the Xbox Series and PC. If you're interested in this new and promising RPG, check out our comparator for the cheapest deals on Avowed and step into the world of Eora to explore the Living Lands.

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