Atlas Fallen discloses its gameplay on a fresh trailer

Atlas Fallen discloses its gameplay on a fresh trailer

Atlas Fallen, the epic fantasy action RPG from Focus Entertainment's studio Deck13 Interactive, developers of The Surge and Lords of the Fallen, is excited to open pre-orders following the recent announcement of its release date. Get a feel of the high sensations to come in the game, where you battle legendary creatures in superpowered combat with today's captivating Gameplay Reveal Trailer called "Rise from Dust."

In the game, you will take on a heroic journey through various breathtaking environments, swiftly gliding through the desert landscapes of a vast sand-covered world. Explore ancient ruins and unearth the mysteries and secrets of a fallen society. Fight a corrupt god and extraordinary beasts thanks to the divine power of your shape-shifting weapon. Unlock powerful skills and abilities to build a unique moveset and rise as the champion who will liberate the people of Atlas.​​



Atlas Fallen gameplay details

Atlas Fallen can be played on your own or with a friend. Pardon us the constant comparison, but battling giant enemies in action, frenetic-paced gameplay surely does remind us of Monster Hunter: Rise or the recent Wild Hearts. Atlas Fallen features include a fully cooperative or solo campaign to free from the oppression of corrupted gods. To do so, the hero wields a century-old artifact called Gauntlet. With it, the wearer controls the Essence in its surrounding, allowing the Catalyzer to channel it into the Gauntlet, unlocking new abilities. Some abilities included are Raise, which enables the player to lift structures or objects stuck in the ground, essential for the treasure hunters. Air dash allows to, well, dash in the air with smooth movements both for traversing and engaging an enemy. Crush is essential to destroy magic seals and chains, necessary for those who want to desecrate religious sites of obnoxious gods.

Besides manipulating Essence, the hero can employ three types of shapeshifting weapons: the Dunecleaver, the Sandwhip, and the Knuckledust. The Knuckledust is a fist weapon for those who like lightning-fast strikes on a single target. The Sandwhip mixes a sword with a whip, a versatile weapon with high mobility and accurate strikes. Lastly, the Dunecleaver is a massive axe or hammer specializing in area-of-effect damage to sweep small enemies on a swing or stagger the great ones.

Atlas Fallen releases May 16 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Pre-orders are open on all platforms with a special bonus, the Ruin Rising Pack, with exclusive cosmetic items and combat abilities, for digital pre-orders or retail purchases. For the best deals on Atlas Fallen, you can check our comparator and ensure that all the pre-order bonuses will be waiting for you on the game's launch.

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