Apex Legends is finally ready for the next-gen

Apex Legends is finally ready for the next-gen

Apex Legends managed to keep a stable player base after a meteoric ascension that took it to the top of the battle royale genre to compete with the almighty Fortnite. Of course, the more players in the arena, the harder the competition is, and now that most of the important FPS franchises include some type of battle royale experience, staying popular requires a lot of work. Respawn Entertainment's game has managed to withstand the pressure thanks to many changes and additions that have arrived across several seasons, including new characters, new gameplay modes, balance changes, customization options and more. In fact, a new event is about to start in Apex Legends and its coming along with some surprises.

The new limited-time event

The Warriors Collection Event kicked off yesterday in Apex Legends. It brings back Control, the popular 9v9 mode where you fight for the contol over Olympus, Storm Point, and Kings Canyon. The event also introduces 24 limited-time cosmetic items that you can unlock, including new legendary skins for many characters. You can unlock additional rewards in a sort of battle pass by playing games and earning points during the event.



But the most important addition to Apex Legends is a game update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions. You can now play Apex Legends on native 4K resolutions in HDR, with higher resolution shadow maps, and greater LOD distances. The game will still run at 60hz, but Respawn is planning to push that up to 120hz in the future, along with other visual and audio improvements and haptics and adaptive triggers support on PlayStation 5.

If you want to learn how to update your game on PlayStation or Xbox, you can check out the official guide on the Apex Legends website. The game is free to play, but you can find plenty of packs with cosmetic items and more on our comparator, including Apex Legends: Champion Edition, Apex Legends: Bloodhound Edition, Apex Legends: Octane Edition, and others.

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