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Apex Legends' new character is Seer

Apex Legends' new character is Seer

As we stated in another article, Ubisoft has jumped into the arena of multiplayer free-to-play shooting games with a new game but there are plenty of other options already available to the players. When it comes to battle royale specifically, the creators of the Titanfall series came up with their own option a while ago.Apex Legends was released in 2019 and it has grown quite a bit since then through several seasons with new characters and features that have expanded an experience that has managed to establish itself at the top of the charts, challenging other games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. 

Apex Legends has quite a stable player base and delivers a thrilling competitive battle royale experience across several gameplay modes. With plenty of Legends to choose from, the game offers a wide variety of ways of engaging others in combat, as each of the characters has unique skills. Respawn Entertainment is about to add a new Legend to the list. Seer is a mysterious character that will become available in Apex Legends next month for the 10th season of the game. Nothing has been specified about his skills yet, but he seems to be able to control microdrones. You can watch a video about his story below.



The next season for Apex Legends will also bring other novelties to the game, including ranked Arenas, an updated World's Edge, and a powerful light machine gun, the Rampage. The new season won't go live until August 3 but Respawn will reveal more details about it during the EA Play Live event that will take place in just a few days. You still have plenty of time to discover Apex Legends ahead of the new season if you are yet to discover it. You just have to create your account at the official Apex Legends website for free to jump into the game.

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