Anno 1800 begins its third season with a free weekend

Anno 1800 begins its third season with a free weekend

All the fans of city-building and management simulation games know that the Anno series is one of the pillars of the genre. Over the years, Ubisoft has launched several Anno games, and all of them offer a great quality experience focused around a certain period in history. Some of them even delve into a possible future. But the latest one and the one that the french company is putting effort in expanding right now isAnno 1800, a title that offers us quite a detailed view of the 19th century with gameplay mechanics and scenarios specially created to represent the challenges that human society had to face during that era.

Anno 1800 already offers you the possibility of expanding its content with several DLC, but the third season of the game has started today and it brings us a brand new expansion with plenty of novelties. Docklands is the seventh DLC that Ubisoft has released for Anno 1800. It will allow you to turn your city into a more efficient commercial hub by constructing modular warehouse districts and emphasizing trade with new options. It is already available and you can buy it as part of the Season Pass 3 for Anno 1800 or as a separate DLC. 



The launch of Docklands is accompanied by a free update that brings some balance changes and general improvements to Anno 1800 gameplay. Also, to celebrate the start of the new season you will be able to try Anno 1800 on PC starting tomorrow and through the weekend. You can download and install the game already by visiting the official website, but the free weekend won't start until tomorrow. Remember that if you decide to purchase Anno 1800 later, you can always find it at the best price on our comparator.

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