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Anno 1800 receives a huge patch next Thursday

Anno 1800 receives a huge patch next Thursday

Anno 1800 is one of those strategy and management games that includes plenty of features, some of which certain players can find overly complex but that define the genre for some others. Discovering the intricacies of city-building in the 19th century during the Industrial Revolution is quite an experience, especially in such a detailed game, since there is a lot of micro-management involved and plenty of variables to consider. Every little decision that you make and every delay that affects you may have consequences that will escalate into a serious problem, and that is part of the beauty of playing this kind of real-time strategy game. Although Anno 1800 does a very good job by offering you plenty of management tools and very fluid gameplay, there is always room for improvement, and the upcoming update is mainly dedicated to enhancing multiple minor aspects of the game and fixing some errors.

Game update 9  for Anno 1800 will be released on October 22 and it will be quite a sizeable patch with a total of 4.2GB full of quality-of-life improvements that will give you "more control and better information in various aspects of managing your industrial empire". The list of changes is huge, and it covers aspects like graphic and user interface improvements, balance changes, and bug fixes. You can check all the details in the patch notes by visiting the official blog post on the matter.



A second important feature of this update is that it will also add support for the new expansion for Anno 1800, Land of Lions, which will be released on the same date as the update. The DLC is part of the Season 2 of Anno 1800 and it's included in the Season Pass, although you will be able to purchase it separately too. Land of Lions will bring quite a lot of content to the game, including the southern region of Embesa, a new system of irrigation that uses rivers and canals, plenty of new research options, and a storyline in which you will serve Emperor Ketema of Enbesa, who enlists you to construct his mighty new capital, Taborime.


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