A Total War Saga: Troy will have multiplayer battles starting tomorrow

A Total War Saga: Troy will have multiplayer battles starting tomorrow

Creative Assembly has a long story of creating awesome strategy games and has made the Total War series its flagship. They have released a wide range of titles that cover many historical periods but also a few memorable ones that focus on fantasy scenarios, like Total War: Warhammer and its sequel. In all cases, Total War games deliver impressive battles with lots of units and an impressive strategy gameplay system that shares similarities through all of the titles in the franchise. A Total War Saga: Troy is not any different, and although some players have complained about the AI in the game, it has a good share of followers that will surely welcome with excitement brand new multiplayer features that all players will be able to try starting tomorrow.

A Total War Saga: Troy will feature battles for up to eight players on multiplayer mode. The new feature will be implemented on November 26 in the game, but it will be just on its beta version, so you can expect changes to happen in the following weeks. They plan to expand multiplayer with support for community maps, a new cooperative campaign, and even more features in the future too.



We will have more info about all those additions in the weeks to come but they will definitely change the way in which most players approach the game and make alliances between players and cooperation quite an important factor in A Total War Saga: Troy when it comes to multiplayer battles. Also, having several armies on the field means that we are bound to see battles more spectacular than ever, where the number of variables will be much harder to control for the players, making the strategic side of the game even more interesting.

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Nov 26, 2020, 12:50 PM
Can't wait !
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