A Total War Saga: Troy receives more free content this week

A Total War Saga: Troy receives more free content this week

Creative Assembly has been working on some extra content that will arrive to A Total War Saga: Troy this week through a free update available to all those that own the game. If you are one of those that are experiencing already the epic gameplay in the latest installment of the Total War series, you will see the addition of a new god to the game. Artemis, twin sister of Apollo and goddess of the hunt will join the ranks of the gods available in the game on October 22, and she brings a powerful companion with her, Orion. Her gigantic hunting companion is an Epic Agent who is able to track enemy heroes and kill them in a single blow (Epic Heroes will only be wounded). Of course, those two come with a new building dedicated to the goddess of the hunt, as well as a new light archer unit available to those factions who follow her and missions to earn her favor.



As a second addition to the game, this update also includes the eagerly awaited Photo Mode forA Total War Saga: Troy, which has been requested by the players since the game was released. This mode will include over twenty different options to customize the screenshots you take in the game, including scene and camera adjustments, the application of filters, and even the addition of different frames to your creations.



If you are a fan of strategy games and massive battles, A Total War Saga: Troy gives you the opportunity to experience one of the most thrilling events in Greek mythology. You will control powerful heroes and impressive armies in the war between the Trojans and the Achaeans, while you try to earn the favor of the gods, whose help will be a decisive factor in this epic conflict.

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