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The Amazons DLC for A Total War Saga: Troy will be free for two weeks

The Amazons DLC for A Total War Saga: Troy will be free for two weeks

One might wonder what is happening with Creative Assembly. They already surprised players by announcing that A Total War Saga: Troy would be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store for a year, and they also gave away the game for free on its launch day. You could indeed obtain A Total War Saga: Troy without paying a penny for a period of 24 hours on August 13th.

But if this looks surprising to you, you should wait until you hear the most recent news. Creative Assembly has decided to do it again, this time with the first DLC for the game,  Amazons, which will be released on September 24. Amazons will also be available for free from that date and until October 8. If you want to claim the DLC, all you have to do is logging into your Total War Access account. If you don't already have one you can create one for free right here.

In terms of content, the Amazons DLC will bring a number of things to A Total War Saga: Troy, including two new factions, the Amazons of Penthesilea and the Amazons of Hippolyte, as well as some other novelties listed below.

Two new Epic Heroes with custom models, animation, voiceovers, skills, and abilities

All-new unit rosters consisting of all-female warriors and a lot of cavalry units

Three new faction mechanics: Amazon Kingdom, Blood Oath, and Rites of Initiation

Two new Epic Mission chains

New Heroes, buildings, events, Royal Decrees, and other faction content

The introduction of a Horde faction (Penthesilea’s Amazons)

A new Horde mechanic: War Spoils

All this new content for A Total War Saga: Troy is included in the Amazons DLC and it will, therefore be available for free. You can also consult the FAQ dedicated to the DLC on the official site. If you want to play the game on Steam, you will have to wait quitea bit since it won't be released until Summer 2021 on Valve's platform.

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