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A lot of new stuff is coming to Battlefield V this week

A lot of new stuff is coming to Battlefield V this week

Battlefield V has just celebrated its first birthday and DICE seems to want to continue to extend the content of the game.

Since October 31 players have access to Chapter 5. Under the name of Pacific War, this chapter allows players to fight in a whole new front and it introduced a number of new elements, including American and Japanese armies, and amphibious vehicles. Two new maps have also been added to Battlefield V with this new chapter, Iwo Jima and Storm in the Pacific, but a third will come very soon, and it's no other than Wake Island. We already knew that it was planned for December, but we can be a bit more accurate now, since we know that we will be able to enjoy it on December 12.



It's only three days more before Wake Island is available in Battlefield V, and it makes all sense since it's become a cult scenario of the Battlefield series. The game intends to make a return to its sources by tacking the theme of Battlefield 1942, the very first episode of the series and the first apparition of this scenario. Wake Island, will playable in Breakthrough and Conquest modes, offering two different playing rhythms on this particular terrain that some see shaped like a horseshoe and some others as a banana.

In parallel, while you wait until December 12, you have access to Community Games, which are available today in Battlefield V. This new feature allows you to create custom lobbies, and offers many options. You can create games for 16, 32 or 64 players, choose the game mode, the number of rounds (from 1 to 20), and the map. It is also possible to set a password if you only want to play with your friends. Be aware that these games will not grant you experience points for the current chapter and Tides of War. DICE plans to expand the Community Games with new options in the coming months.

BREAKING: #BattlefieldV Community Games are now live! ????

— Battlefield Bulletin (@BFBulletin) December 9, 2019

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