Battlefield V adds a premium real-money currency

Battlefield V adds a premium real-money currency

After all the controversy we got to see last year with Star Wars Battlefront II loot boxes and unlocking drama one would have thought that EA would stay away from that matter for a while. But it seems that the revenue the companies get from this kind of paid services is too juicy to drop it. I guess the model is staying for good and nowadays you can find an in-game shop where you can buy shinies with real money in pretty much any title. It´s not that I am against developers earning money or people buying cosmetic items for their characters, but we have already seen what happens when you get an excess of that and too few relevant content updates to keep a game running. It´s unclear if Battlefield V really needed this kind of thing, maybe it didn´t even need a Battle Royale mode but hey, if it works for others why can't it work for them?

Whether we agree on the convenience of having it or not, Electronic Arts is adding a new premium currency to Battlefield V. You will be able to buy it with real money, and it will be used to purchase cosmetic items mainly. With it, there are two currencies in the game: Company Coins and Battlefield Currency. Company Coins can be earned from your Career progression, Daily Missions, and some Special Assignments while playing. It is mainly used to customize your company choosing items outside of the base progression path, unlock specialization options for vehicles and weapons and even purchase some cosmetic items for weapons, characters, and vehicles. Battlefield Currency, the new paid currency purchased with real-world money, can be used inside the Armory to purchase three types of items: Cosmetic customization items, Elite sets and Time savers.



The list of cosmetic items that you can buy with Battlefield Currency includes new epic items as well as some other cosmetic items that you could already unlock with Company coins. Elite sets are a new type of unlocking that allows you to play as a unique character in multiplayer. Each of them comes with themed cosmetic items and voiceovers, as well as an exclusive Special Assignment that will unlock a signature melee weapon. Time savers come in the form of XP boosts and Tier Catch-ups that unlock Chapter Rewards items. To sum it up, if you want to look better in the game, or you are missing some rewards from a certain chapter that you couldn´t unlock, or you prefer not to put too much time and effort into leveling up, you can solve all that just by pulling out your wallet and spending some cash. I guess that EA didn´t want to scare people at launch after all the controversy they had in the past, but the premium currency has been finally added to Battlefield V. We will have to wait a bit longer to see what kind of impact it has in the game. Until then, if you haven´t tried the latest installment of the Battlefield series, you can check our comparator to get it at the best price and try the recently launched Firestorm Battle Royale mode.




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