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Battlefield 5 cancels its 5v5 mode

Battlefield 5 cancels its 5v5 mode

We have seen many times new modes added to video games that have been running for a while. It's a common way of adding more content and keeping the players interested in the games. In some cases, it turns out that the new gameplay mode is even more popular than the base game itself like it happened with Fallout 76 and its Nuclear Winter mode. There are not many cases where a mode that was announced for a game ends canceled in the middle of its development. This is the case of Battlefield 5's competitive 5v5 mode, which was supposed to be implemented in the future and now has been canceled.

When Chapter 4: Defying the Odds was launched for Battlefield 5, a new 5v5 competitive mode that would include dedicated arenas specially designed for it was to be added. Not many details were given about it, and we can understand it now since we are still waiting to see this new gameplay mode.

Battlefield 5's senior producer Ryan McArthur has confirmed that we are not going to see it happening. He has said in a statement that the development team will be focusing on bug fixing, improving the quality of the game, and creating more content for Battlefield 5 instead of adding the new multiplayer mode.

He has also revealed that the 4.6 update for Battlefield 5 will bring the Operation Underground map on Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Breakthrough, and Squad Conquest in September. Later on, they will be focusing on the Pacific theatre with the addition of new weapons, vehicles, factions, and visuals to support the upcoming maps.

The choice of delivering a better game instead of adding extra gameplay modes that may or may not fit the theme of Battlefield 5 doesn't seem to be a bad thing. Giving the players more gameplay options is always good.
It's true that Firestorm mode has been a great addition to Battlefield 5, for example, but since the resources are always limited, it comes to a point where there has to be a limit on the number of areas you want to cover in your game too, or you may spread your content too thin and end diluting its essence.

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