Metamorphosis has a demo on PC

Metamorphosis has a demo on PC

Literature has often inspired other fields, including many films and TV series, but also plenty of video games are based on or inspired by the works of various authors. This is exactly the case with Metamorphosis, which draws its inspiration from Franz Kafka's short story, The Metamorphosis.

The Metamorphosis is one of the most famous works of the author, known to create dark and even nightmarish universes, and Metamorphosis takes the framework of the short story from Kafka to create a gripping story. You play as George Samsa, who wakes up one mundane morning and is late for work, but he realizes with horror that he has turned into a tiny insect. He also discovers that a friend of his, Joseph has been arrested for some unknown reason. With his new size, the world is a whole different place, and there are many obstacles to overcome if he is to find out the truth.



In terms of gameplay, Metamorphosis is a game combining platforms and puzzles. It's played in first-person view, and throughout the game, you'll have to solve puzzles and find a way to discover the reasons behind your transformation and what lies behind Joseph's arrest. You will need to take advantage of your insect condition but also of the elements in your environment.

If you love adventure games with a strong narrative and don't have a phobia of insects, Metamorphosis has just revealed its release date. It will be available on August 12 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and GOG. If you'd like to try Metamorphosis before its release, a free demo is currently available on Steam. It allows you to play the first levels of the game and will be free to download until August 5.



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