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Gears Tactics shows its launch trailer

Gears Tactics shows its launch trailer

The Gears of War franchise is entirely composed of third-person shooting games but that will change with the upcoming release of Gears Tactics. The new game is a spin-off that will allow you to delve a bit deeper into the events that preceded Gears of War since it takes place twelve years earlier. The Locust Horde has emerged from the underground and they have invaded the surface of planet Sera, threatening the existence of human civilization. In an attempt to fight back against the unstoppable army of bloodthirsty creatures, the human forces massively bombed devastating parts of their own settlements in the process. But the sacrifice was futile and now what's left of the survivors has to deal the best way they can with the Locust. Gears Tactics launch trailer offers you a good overview of the current situation and the story.



The main novelty that Gears Tactics brings to the franchise is that it is a turn-based tactical strategy game with combat similar to XCOM 2. You will be in control of a group of soldiers who will take on missions. After deploying them, you will take turns moving them through a scenario and fighting against enemies. There are five different classes in Gears Tactics, including vanguard, sniper, support, scout and heavy. Each of them has access to different abilities and can use different weapons. But the similarities with XCOM 2 end there. Gears Tactics takes a more direct approach to action by focusing on combat. It does so with encounters where you will fight plenty of enemies and reinforcements and allowing your characters to take more actions per turn. It also ditches all the complexity of the management of your base and the territories in favor of a more engaging experience, while keeping plenty of customization options available for your characters.



If you want to help Sergeant Gabe Diaz and his group of brave soldiers to hunt down Ukkon to stop him from creating more monsters for the Locust, the release of Gears Tactics is scheduled for April 28th on PC.

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