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Gears Tactics PC requirements have been revealed

Gears Tactics PC requirements have been revealed

Gears of War and turn-based strategy were two things that you could hardly ever see in the same sentence, but that will change once Gears Tactics is released. The new title in the Gears of War license will completely change the way you approach it because instead of being a shooting game like the previous ones, Gears Tactics is more similar to games like XCOM 2. In the game, you will command a squad of soldiers in fast-paced battles against the Locust.



Gears Tactics follows the story of soldier Gabe Diaz, who is immersed in the war between what's left of the human forces and the Locust Horde that has invaded most of the territories on planet Sera rising from underground. Twelve years before the events in Gears of War, you will recruit a squad of soldiers to accompany you in an epic adventure that will decide the future of the planet. Your objective is to hunt down Ukkon, an evil mastermind who is making monsters. The story will take you through different scenarios where you will deploy your squad and complete objectives, facing hordes of monsters as you progress. You will develop the skills of your squad members and gear them up with equipment that you collect in the different missions. Although Gears Tactics bears a lot of similarities with XCOM 2, it takes a much more direct and aggressive approach to action and it's also less complex outside of combat since you don't have a base or a map full of events that you have to attend.

If you are going to play Gears Tactics on PC your rig will have to meet certain minimum requirements, which have been detailed in the table below, including a specific setup for laptops.


gears tactics pc


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